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We built the barn studio towards the front of the property about four years ago predominantly as a creative space.  Complete with storage and amenities, it features two offices, a bathroom, large central area with 16 foot ceilings panelled in the same reproduction detail as the garden room, and a second studio room that can

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Soon after we purchased Dorset 7 years ago we began planning to relocate a cottage for my wife, Kristn’s parents. I had the fortune of knowing a lovely old lady, 93 years old when she passed, in our local area for some time. She and her late husband had built their cottage just after the

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After 10 years floating around in my thoughts, the newest addition to our home at Dorset is the Garden Room. Inspired by European conservatories, orageries and garden rooms we have adapted our own version that is suitable for our harsher climate here in Australia. The must haves on the list were an oversize fire place

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Recently we began opening our Flourish Potting Shed and gardens at Dorset to the public one morning a month. It has become a wonderful morning to share ideas and inspiration and it is lovely to connect with members of our local community.  It allows us to open our home and reminds me of a time

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In a world where image and branding has become more important than transparency, openness and intent, I invite you to share my passionate journey that weaves through all my creative endeavours both in business and personally.  It’s a fine line that I often walk between family life and the obsessive nature of creating. I don’t seem

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