After 10 years floating around in my thoughts, the newest addition to our home at Dorset is the Garden Room. Inspired by European conservatories, orageries and garden rooms we have adapted our own version that is suitable for our harsher climate here in Australia.

The must haves on the list were an oversize fire place (irrational I know here in Queensland! But beautiful nonetheless as a visual item), 15 foot ceilings and and lots of glass in the form of windows and doors. Also included as a must have was the recycled brick floor and the feature wall in board and batten detail.

The palette was to stay neutral, so we finished the walls in Dulux Lexicon Quarter which allows the furniture and fixtures to stand out. The white also reflects the light well and provides a feeling of letting the outside in with its play on space.

I decide on a boxed roof which allowed us to fit an ornamental railing. The centre section of the railing is the original Alter rail from the historic Warwick Church that I rescued from a salvage yard. It is amazing in its own right, being all hand turned from cedar and the joinery still intact after more that 100 years. We fashioned the additional railings to compliment.

The doors and windows are from an old 4 storey mansion at Hamilton, also here in Brisbane.

The Fireplace is solid in construction with more than 3000 bricks being used. The ornamentation used was made from plaster castings that date back to renovations of other historic buildings.

The ceiling is another important element that we laboured over using some re-manufactured ceiling panels from The Classic Family, a business that my father owns specialising in period ceiling replacements and down pipes for the exterior of older homes.


On the exterior I wanted to differentiate the garden room from the weatherboard of the existing house so we used Fibre Cement sheeting as a base, then embellished it with trimmings and details.

The oversize lights are antiques from a Russian Train Station the we retro-fitted with new internals. They are among my favourite things.

Putting all these details together is where the fun is, along with the reward if it is done correctly. We use the room every day and it is quickly become our new favourite space for the whole family.


Many people have asked me why I wanted to build such a room and commented that it was not really necessary in our climate. My response is always the same; if you really love something so much, it being necessary or needed is irrelevant and to abstain from creating would unthinkable.

We look forward to designing and constructing similar rooms for our clients, each being personalised and never the same