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Our first personal large project is our home and garden in Ransome, Brisbane.

 Not long after we purchased our property, Dorset, I began planning a number of major works to be completed. Among them was our dream garden. Like my taste in furniture and interiors, I have always loved English and European traditionally inspired gardens. I love the structure and the layers of greenery, broken up with well-placed splashes of colour.

We have 600 metres of boundary line on our property and one of the first things I wanted to do was plant a tall, lush, fast growing hedge for privacy and to provide a beautiful backdrop in every direction. After much debate and research, I choose to go with a fast-growing conifer, commonly called Leightons Green (Botanical name – Cupressocyparis x leylandii). A fast growing (up to one metre per year) evergreen tree that can reach heights in excess of 20 metres. Perfect for hedging with soft, dense green foliage with no messy nuts or pollen. Because I needed 600 of them to get the desired effect, I decided to grow my own from tube stock. 

I contacted Evergreen Growers from Dural NSW, who were very helpful and full of great advice. I put in my order, which they propagated for me and within a few months my 600 little green gems arrived in a couple of well packaged boxes. It’s amazing that something that can grow twice the height of a telegraph pole starts its life from such humble beginnings. On receipt of the conifers I quickly potted them into 140mm pots with the best potting mix I could find. 3 months on and they had already tripled in size and were now about knee height, amazing. At around 4 months, I re-potted them into 200mm pots, and then at around 8 months potted them into 300mm pots. By this point they were now nearly a meter tall! Their cost to me initially, as tiny new trees, was about $5 each including pots and potting mix, and some long hours on the way, but a 1 metre high tree in a nursery is around $30-40, and there is something special about raising them and watching them grow. 

After preparing the 600 metres of elevated garden beds, I began planting in Spring last year.  Each plant put into the ground by hand with fertiliser, mulch and lots of water. I am happy to advise that all are doing well, and I get much satisfaction walking the boundary every few weeks to check on their progress. I have also planted an additional 1000 trees over the last 6 months and slowly the bones of our dream garden is taking shape. 

It’s difficult to describe the enjoyment one’s garden can provide, along with lessons in patience and perseverance.