Recently we began opening our Flourish Potting Shed and gardens at Dorset to the public one morning a month. It has become a wonderful morning to share ideas and inspiration and it is lovely to connect with members of our local community.  It allows us to open our home and reminds me of a time when people were more inclined to share their garden spaces with others with no obligations.
It also allows us to showcase the hand selected garden inspired products we sell through our online business Flourish by Dorset Bottega in our converted old garage that has now become our Potting Shed and pop up shop.
We really wanted to add the ambience of an old shop front to the existing shed. As with most of our ideas and projects, we always set up a few inspiration boards in Pinterest first to capture the desired look and help us to bring our vision to life. We created the final design by eclectically combining some of our favourite pictures and I put them into a simple sketch so we had a rough guide to build from.
We started by framing out the shape of the facade, then cladding it with FC sheeting, waterproofing and installing flashings as we went. The details come from simple mouldings crafted with some extra time and care to add a little bit of prettiness.  The grey and white theme is carried on from the main home, and the circular sign is made from the top of an old reclaimed table that I had been holding on to.  We added some simple lighting to both the exterior and interior. The concrete floors inside were in poor condition so we resurfaced them, then painted them in a soft grey epoxy finish to tie in with the overall aesthetic. The interior walls and ceilings were sprayed in white to give the space a light and airy feel while providing a lovely clean backdrop for our beautiful range of products.
Display Benches in the Flourish Potting Shed
I had also been hoarding an old pier that had been removed from a local shipping area. It was decided that we would build the display benches from this beautiful old weathered hardwood along with some recycled bricks.  I made the counter from French oak and it features a zinc top with bronze rivets. We also repurposed a few other shelving units that were in storage and painted them to match.  Even though it’s an eclectic mix, there is a rustic connection and story behind all the pieces.
To compliment the new potting shed, we built a new dividing fence and arbor that joints the main house to the potting shed. The fence was also made from reclaimed timber from an old house in a local suburb, and the posts from an old government building in the Brisbane CBD.
Finally we took advantage of the beautiful old fig trees that sit to the left of the potting shed and created a simple garden and seating area underneath. I built some raised beds and filled them with shaped dwarf lilly Pilly and foxgloves to add some colour. It’s always 5-6 degrees cooler under tree and a wonderful place to sit, contemplate and share some wine.  
We’d love to see you at our next Flourish Potting Shed day!